2014 Summer Fun

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hope everyone had a amazing summer!

Just an update for everybody, I have a few projects on the go and have also completed a few as well.

Couple of months ago I was on set for a couple days on Charlotte’s Song which is a fantastic Feature film set in the dust bowl era, Nicholas Humphries was directing this beauty! There is a ton of talent on this production and it shows, I even got to meet the amazing talented Iwan Rheon on that set.

I also shot a trailer for a up and coming Feature that Q.B.E is putting together, unfortunatly mums the word on this one at the moment so I can’t go into much detail about it, but I can say that Quinton Barr, Directed and Starred in it, I play “Anthony” in it. The trailer will be coming out shortly and I’ll post it for everyone to see.

CheckMate films and Nathan Witte just wrapped up a short film titled “Sugar”, and I play the husband in this physiological thriller, its dark and will definitely be worth the watch, might be going to festivals first but I’ll see if I can get some clips to post.

I’m shooting another trailer for a feature film, and this one is Directed and written by Ali Hasan, he has a couple films that are out already so give him a Google and check him out. This film is called False Gods and Faulty Machinery. Its a post apocalyptic and nice and gritty, can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one.

And next month I start film another web series called “Wight Space” I hope you like ghosts cause Ric LaFollette has written up some tantalizing stuff, perfect time to film too being Halloween.

Oh and not sure if you got a chance to head down to TIFF but you might have seen me in the openers, toting a Grolsch,

Anyhow that’s a wrap, bye for now!

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