Some new projects

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

End of 2013 was a busy one for me I was fortunate to be on a couple fun projects, first one was Once upon a time! the episode is called “Ariel, I was Prince Eric’s footman. That was a fun time on set and a first for me, got to meet some of the familiar faces on the show and play in front of the humongous green screen.

The second show I got on was Supernatural that episode is called “Road Trip” that was also a wicked set, they had this set that looked like it was the inside of a pulp mill, I kinda felt like I was back working with the boilermakers, minus the nasty pulp mill smell, and dirty work.

You also might have seen me on the moneymart commercial that’s been playing every so often, it the one where the guy has the leaky roof! and the newest one out is for autotrader, I play one of the cops that pulls over a Ferrari.

This year I got to play King Arthur, in a VFS compendium film. Basically King Arthur meets Board Walk Empire, that was a great time on set, and it’s still in post, should be coming out soon. Hopefully I can get some clips to show, but I think it will be going to festivals so we’ll see.

That’s a wrap.. for today



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